Winter 2014 Out Now

 Love to see you all at the @huntandgathermarkets tomorrow loads of per loved goodies and $30 Guanabana rack  Not long till we will be back in this beautiful place to design our next collection for 2015 @kirasharne
   Kinda obessed with this amilita floral mixed up with leather!!! Oh and look!!! Another of lovely bird's hats!  @amilitathelabel @lovelybird_ @kivari_the_label #jefferycampbell #darbyst #newcastleshopping
 The Louisiana jumper @stone_cold_fox We have 1 left!  Repost from @stylespynewcastle !!! Make sure you check out this insta feed and see all there #guanabanadesign posts!! Thanks for the shout out babe!! XXX